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Bialik’s character’s statement that she’s interested in leading a traditional Jewish life echoes what the actress has told the media about her religious observance and modest fashion choices despite her working in Hollywood. Blind date from hell aside, the creators of ‘Yid Life Crisis’ were thrilled that Bialik chose to publicly reveal her Yiddish-speaking abilities for the first time on their web series. It is a koved [honor] for us to be in the presence of such a shining star who is nonetheless extremely grounded and intelligent.In addition, questioning Chaimie and Leizer about how they feel about breastfeeding and vaccinations is an obvious nod to the strong public reaction to Bialik breastfeeding her son Fred until he was four, and to statements she has made indicating that she may be an anti-vaxxer. She just is plain and simple a highly talented comedic actor who was a major asset to our script,” Batalion told The Times of Israel.Hilarity ensues as Bialik’s character shoots off query after query.

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It’s abundantly clear that Batalion and Elman tailored the script for this episode specifically to Bialik, with whom they had long wanted to collaborate after learning she knew some Yiddish.It’s her way of cutting to the chase and not wasting any of her precious time. I have all the question right off the bat, so a blind date is just a more efficient way of seeing if this is even possible,” Bialik’s character states. When Leizer decides he no longer needs his wingman, he whips out his phone and pretends his mother is calling him.“As our mothers may have discussed, I’m interested in leading a traditional Jewish life. Her first question, however, is not one she had come prepared with. His fake Yiddish conversation with his mom is actually his telling Chaimie to get lost.IMDb may not be a reliable source for biographical information.

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Standing for "Trace, Research, Analyze and Exterminate", this science fiction show was about a team that hunts down the abnormal and paranormal.